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glossary (OFC - Old)


OFC-Old Oli-Oun

Used to describe Canadian Whisky; O=Old; F=Fine; C=Canadian.

The distillery Oban is situated far from other whisky-distilleries at the west coast of Scotland. It was founded in 1794, and belongs therefore to the oldest still working distilleries. The company is situated directly at the sea, therefore whisky is influenced by the Atlantic-weather while ripening, which is a weather, which differs in a big deal from the conditions at the east coast or in inner Scotland. The water used to produce whisky comes from the town situated above the deep mountain-lake. It runs through wide peat-moor layer, before it is collected in the old, since the foundation used spring. Therefore it is extremely smooth. The Orban Unblended Highland Malt 12 Years Old has a middle-heavy aroma, tasting sour and fresh, the traditional peat-smoking is hardly recognisable, only slightly is tasted. Alcohol content: 43 %.

Obers (= Bavarian and Ausrian Cream)
It is used to produce creamy mixed drinks, shakes and Frappés, if it is whipped (whipped cream) it might be used for decoration, eg for Ruedesheimer Coffee.

The quality of a cider, i.e. its sugar amount, is given in degree Oechsle in Germany and Switzerland. It is possible to calculate the amount of alcohol out of it by using a formula. To get the exact degree of Oechsle it is necessary to have a cider scales, which was invented by a goldsmith named Ferdinand Oechsle about 140 years ago.

The port-wine House Offley Forrester Ltd. was founded in 1761, under the name 'Etty, Offley & Co.' The name of one of the biggest personalities of the port-trade hides behind the today's name of the company: Joseph James Forrester, uncle of the famous Joseph James Barao de Forrester. The baron-title and many other international awards were put on Forrester for his engagement in the port-wine production. In 1862, J.J. Forrester's boat capsized in the current of the Cachao da Valeira, and he drawned. The accident could never be solved. In 1962, the Forrester-company merged with the Sandeman-Group; in 1965, 50 % of it were sold to the French St. Raphael Company. Offley-Vintages Ports are traditionally mainly produced from wines of the famous Quinta Boa Vista. Ruby and White Port are available in Germany. Furthermore offered are: Offley-Sherrys Fino, Amontillado, Medium and Cream.

Just oils that are neutral in their taste and base on plants only are used, eg for Prairie Oyster.

Old Bushmills
Old Bushmills Irish Whiskey demands to be the oldest whisky in the world. The distillery "Old Bushmills" was mentioned in different documents already in 1494, in older documents even in 1272. The name comes from the river Bush, which delivers water and strength for the mills. Bushmills' original distillery permission was signed in 1608, and in 1784, the Old Bushmills Company was officially registered. The Old Bushmills distillery is situated in the region of Antrim, at the north shore of Ireland inbetween Tara, the former capital of Ireland, and Dunseverick Castle. The whisky of Old Bushmills is different to others, because it is mixed from malt- and grain distillates, but is always a blend of only one malt and only one grain spirit whiskey. The malt-whiskey come from the Old Bushmills Distillery, the grain spirit-whiskey from the sister-distillery in Coleraine, which is eleven kilometres away. The Black Bush Special Old Irish Whiskey is the de-Luxe-Whiskey of Old Bushmills, itt has a bigger amount of grain-spirit-whiskey. This light whiskey ripens in oak barrels and gets therefore its light colour. Available in Germany are: the standard product Old Bushmills Irish Whiskey (40 %) and the Old Bushmills Black Bush Special Old Irish Whiskey (49 %).

Old Fitzgerald
Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Whiskeys are produced by Stitzel & Weller Distillery in Louisville/ Kentucky. In 1849, W.L. Weller started to work as a businessman in Louisville. When his three sons returned from the civil war, they all founded the Company W.L. Weller & Sons. The Brothers Stitzel had built up a little distillery in 1872. At the beginning of this century, another one joined. Stitzel worked closely with Weller & Sons; the Stitzel Distillery was one of the few, that was allowed to produce while the time of Prohibition. After the Prohibition finished, a new company was built to produce Weller-products. Those days, Old Fitzgerald products were taken into the list of products, which were whiskeys produced by John E. Fitzgerald for the first time in 1870. Today, Stitzel & Weller have a few very impressive Bourbon Whiskeys in their program-list. Exported to Germany are: a six year old Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43 %) and the eight year old 1849 Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon (45 %).

Old Forester
Old Forrester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is produced by the Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation in Louisville/ Kentucky. George Garvin Brown started his career in the whisky-business in 1870, his product Old Forester was written with a doble 'r' in former times. There are a few not corresponding stories about, where the name comes from. It is for sure, that it is impossible to find out the truth. Old Forester was introduced as a 990 Proof Blended Straight Bourbon at first and could be further produced in the time of the Prohibition that way. Brown-Forman did also have a licence for production in that time, but which prescribed a production of 100-Proof-Bottles-in-Bond-Whisky. Theredore, the production procedure was changed, and was not changed back after the abolition of the Prohibition. In 1959, Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon 86 Proof was introduced. One point about the label has to be mentioned: company's founder Brown gave the dates for the labels in handwritting, which was taken over while the labels were printed. Brown liked the surprising labels with his writing, it remained until today nearly unchanged.

Old Grand Dad
The description Old Grand Dad was firstly used for a Bourbon Whiskey in 1882. The Family, hiding behind this name, dates back to the year 1796. Those days, a member of the Hayden-Family started to distill Kentucky Whisky. A son took over the business in 1819, and handed it over to his son Colonel R.B. Hayden later on. R.B. Hayden chose the name "Old Grand Dad" for his whisky in remembrance of his grandfather. Available Old-Grand Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey available in Germany has an alcohol content of 40 %. New in germany is the "Old Grand Dad 114 Barrel Proof", an extraordinary 47 % Kentucky Straight Bourbon. It is produced according to an old mash-formular, which did not change the last 50 years. All ingredients are selected according to very strict aspects, the whisky is filled up at 114 proof directly from the barrel. This smooth Bourbon is only available in small amounts, the bottles are numbered seperatly.




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